The Proposal for Change

On the 6th July, Professor Amanda Davies, Head of School, presented the School of Social Sciences Proposal for Change Consultation Paper. This was put out for a two-week consultation period.

The Proposal involves drastic changes that will affect the vast majority of staff and all postgraduate and undergraduate students within the School, as well as our external partners.

It is important that the Proposal is distributed to all those parties that are impacted by its changes. To assist with this, it is posted here. Those affected have been requested to submit their responses by the 20th of July.


Read a detailed rebuttal of the proposal below

Below is a detailed point by point rebuttal of The Proposal. A number of data sources are used to reveal the selective and misleading statistics that underpin the proposal. The rebuttal is a working document and will be updated regularly. A number of requests to access data were made and not all have been granted.

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